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Curitiba, PR: A chance de levar os meu avós americanos pra conhecer um pouco do Brasil foi surpreendente! Vivemos ...


There are several ways to see the wonders of the Amazon: hotels, lodges and boat tours. We consider that the best way to see and enjoy nature, especially on the amazing waterways of the Amazon, is to be agile in this wonderful environment and to be always in the midst of the jungle, especially at dawn and dusk.  That's the experience that Amazon Clipper provides. 


The "green" FIFA World Cup 2014 Manaus confirmed as one of the 12 host cities of the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. The importance ... Highest Water Level 2009 Typical of the Amazon River system is a forest type (igapó and várzea) which is highly adapted to survive ...

Water level Manaus

Rio Negro          16,89 m



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